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Women Colleagues

Our Story

For over 50 years Birthright of Rochester has offered free and confidential pregnancy support to any woman regardless of age, income or zip code. 
Understanding that each situation is unique, Birthright mentors offer women non-judgmental support in a safe environment. We then work to identify the local resources necessary to help clients meet their immediate needs and achieve their future goals. Follow-up continues during pregnancy and up to the baby’s first birthday. Through our program, Birthright clients focus on growth through positive change, building a better life for their newborns and themselves. 
Birthright offers maternity clothes and access to childbirth classes. We host support luncheons to share pertinent information, provide a forum for discussion and encourage networking with other mothers. Birthright’s Brightspot program has clothing as the baby grows and affords emergency formula and diapers.

What We Offer


Pregnant? Worried you might be? You are not alone. Birthright of Rochester offers free & confidential pregnancy support to anyone in need. You talk, we listen. Our mentors provide non-judgmental support in a safe environment, then help identify local resources necessary to help meet your immediate needs.

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